Hello Again! – General Update!

Hello! Yes I'm still alive

Yes yes my friends, try not to judge me too harshly! It’s been quite some time since I last updated my blog, my apologies, I moved from Los Angeles to Indiana for graduate school, not to mention I have been busy getting settled and adjusted to my new life so far away. I’m off this week for Thanksgiving Break and I happily made time today to do all things SL related. From cleaning my inventory and outfits, to a little bit of shopping I felt like I managed to accomplish something! I haven’t been off the grid for four months as one might think, however I know my presence has been considerably less. RL is a a real pain let’s face it, but it doesn’t mean that I am ready to give up SL at all! My SL is going pretty smooth and quiet so far. If you keep up with the fabulous men’s fashion magazine L’Homme, run by my friend Zachary Zufreur, you’ll see me in there, however I have decided to take this month off due to my busy schedule. I am still living in my apartment at Boystown and I am to be honest very happy there, I feel included and wanted as a member of the community; it’s a place where I really feel at home. Speaking of Boystown, I’m very excited to let you know that I’ll be one of the new go-go’s at BLU which is making it’s relaunch tonight November 19th at 6pm SLT. I’m really honored to be a part of the BLU family, it was always something I aspired to become a part of since my early days on the grid; I can’t wait to see what fun the future has in store. With that said, I really am looking forward to my future on SL, things are looking up and I really look forward to updating you about my adventures in this world, keep your eyes on my blog! :D Cheers!

Hat: Elysium – Nastro Hat; Black

Jacket: 20.Five – Mesh Jacket (in 5 colors for less than $100L)

Shirt: Tableau Vivant – Net Shirt V-neck

Pants: Tableau Vivant – SWAT mesh pants

Askari Style Files – Summer Heat

So summer time is almost here and every guy knows the best way to stay cool is tank tops! I was cruising around town the other day and stopped in at the Ispachi store where I noticed some great tank tops in a lot of bright colors. Now….if you know me I generally am not a bright colors kinda guy but I am always trying to break free of my blacks and greys!! I wanted this style to work during both the day and night and a real easy way to transition is simply to add a jacket if you want to go to a club or whatever. It’s a really simple style that uses some new stuff from Tableau Vivant, (the kings of dark colors). Anyways I hope you enjoy!

Hair: Dura-boy 36 -Dark Brown (NEW!)

Earrings: Mandala – Haramita

Glasses: GOS – G-Force

Jacket: Tableau Vivant – Open Shirt

Tank-top: Ispachi – Tank-top Rose/plain

Pants: Tableau Vivant – Low Rise Jeans 11

Shoes: HOC – Low tops

New Beginnings

I begin this post by saying this past month in Second Life has been very tumultuous. The internet never surprises me, especially when you have people playing avatars on a “second life.” So many people use their anonymity to bring out the unfriendly and ugly side of their personality, spreading it across the grid like a plague, a wild fire. Most of us have had the experience I went through this past month in some form or another; someone, after months or a year of friendship, suddenly decides they hate you and proceeds to hurt you as much as they can, be it through disgusting language that one would never utter in person, to taking advantage of you through unlawful means they know you could never effectively counter. Such people have created thrones for themselves in their virtual kingdoms, dictating the wills of their dreams to others on high, and like the feudal lords of old, non compliance and questioning their utopian society is punishable by death.

We all have a right to do as we wish here in second life, if we desire to be the overlords of our own proverbial “Magic Kindgom” we have every right to do so. We can create anything our imagination can think of here in this second life; from heaven to hell, it can be done. For me, I came to this world seeking friends, seeking people who will enjoy my presence unconditionally, where I can freely exist and play however I want without feeling the need to constantly worship those with more power and money than myself. I want to exist with people who value my company over how much property I own, the size of my mansion, or how big my prim limit is. I think the friends that I make who feel the same way will be the ones that will last, ones that will help me when I come to them seeking guidance, and ones who will love me honestly as a true friend.

With that said, I have moved back to one of my original homes here in second life, a single story apartment in Boystown. One of the aspects that I enjoy is the honesty of the people living here. If you are friendly and honest yourself you can talk to almost anyone and they’ll talk back to you. I want to live in my SL home I don’t want to simply “exist” there. I’ve laid out my home with pieces of my old furniture from my previous home along with a few new things. It’s small but cozy and in it I can both work and relax. Have a look:

I’ll never quite be certain what I ever did to deserve the hate and mistreatment from people I once deeply respected, but one thing is for certain, I will move forward with my own second life anew in a place that I can hopefully and finally call home, home sweet home….


Askari Designs – Clearwater Collection

standing next to my latest creation for Askari Designs. The last time I made something significant for my store was about 1.5 years ago

Yesterday I for some odd reason was inspired to make something new for my store. I hadn’t really messed with it in some time however when SL switched from xstreet to the marketplace several of my item listings got messed up. I had some time so I decided to do some repair work and in the process came up with a new idea for the store; furniture! Most of what I have made in the past are really specialty items related to Greco-Roman or outdoor themes. I don’t really sell a whole lot of these items since the market is so small for them. I can’t make clothing very well and as far as hair goes…well…I don’t think it would turn out well. I wanted to create a bedroom set and with a high market demand for furniture I thought I might have a sporting chance. The first piece of what I am calling the “Clearwater Collection” is a simple dresser. the handles are mesh which is really nice because it prevents them from derendering on farther zoom levels even though they are so small. At 16 prims I felt it turned out okay. Hopefully it’s priced right and I’ll make a few sales as I design and create new pieces for the collection. Check out the marketplace listing for more pictures!!


Askari Style Files – Looking good with Aleida

Hello Blogging Folk!

Aleida Rhode, a friend of mine since I first started modeling about a year or two ago, has been busy expanding her line of clothing for men! Once focused on solely women’s fashion, she has started to use her creative talent to tap into the lucrative, and all to often skipped over, niche of menswear! With each new release she is improving with tighter fitting clothing that brings suggestive attention to the man wearing it. Recently in Menswear Fashion Week we saw more incredible clothing coming from my talented friend, it was difficult for me not to buy everything she was selling. One of my favorite pieces she had was the Ronaldo shirt featuring some military inspired mesh accents. With it’s deep v-neck the guys with a light dusting of hair on their skins will love this hot new piece available in a variety of colors. In this style I have also included a few other new items by Aleida including her Sousa tie and the epic new Dida glasses.

Asakri Style Files - Black and White

Hair: Entente – Tupelo
Glasses: Aleida – Dida fashion glasses
Tie: Aleida – Sousa fashion tie
Shirt: Aleida – Ronaldo; light gray
Pants: Connors – Vintage Jeans; double black
Shoes: SOREAL – Superstars

MWFW – Zenith and new Shag hair

Asakri Style Files - More MWFW 2012!

The goods just keep pouring into my “object” folder and I can’t possibly keep up with all the amazing stuff that is coming out of Menswear Fashion Week 2012!! I was very impressed with the new Shag hair “Handsome Devil.” It certainly lives up to its title, likely to make many ladies (and men) swoon over the curly and flowing locks. I paired this great new item with another available at the expo, a pull over sweater (Merino sweater) by Zenith. I don’t know if it’s a newer brand, been off the radar, or I am just a newb, but I have never heard of the company before. They have some really good and amazingly crafted stuff that’s unusual enough to be fresh and perfect for any occasion. Together it’s an unstoppable duo that will make anyone week in the knees, at least in my opinion!! WHY WAIT go check them out before it’s too late!

MWFW 2012 – Askari Style Files – Lunch with a dash of Coco…

Askari Style Files - Lunch with a dash of Coco

I received an interesting package from Ladies who Lunch a day or two ago who interestingly enough will also be participating in MWFW this year. When I opened up the box to my surprise I encountered a “skirt” and an assortment of belts. I soon realized that the skirt actually was a kilt with some other traditional elements of the oh-so famous and still acceptable “skirt” for men. I found it difficult to appropriately style the kilt as it would take a very specific style to make it work for a guy without looking too feminine.

I did however find that the belts (without the sporran) could actually provide a unique and different look to your outfit as I have shown in the top picture. For this particular style I used a few popular Coco pieces that most guys will have in their inventory, making this style quick and quite practical.

Jacket: COCO – Black Leather Jacket

Shirt: NSD – Baggy Shirt

Pants: COCO – Geometric Print

Ring: NSD – Emery

Boots: GOS – Aviator Boots; Amelia

Glasses: Entente – Bilblio

Hair: Entente – Tupelo

Necklace: L&B – Chinese Coin

Belt: LWL – McAlpin