Askari Designs – Clearwater Collection

standing next to my latest creation for Askari Designs. The last time I made something significant for my store was about 1.5 years ago

Yesterday I for some odd reason was inspired to make something new for my store. I hadn’t really messed with it in some time however when SL switched from xstreet to the marketplace several of my item listings got messed up. I had some time so I decided to do some repair work and in the process came up with a new idea for the store; furniture! Most of what I have made in the past are really specialty items related to Greco-Roman or outdoor themes. I don’t really sell a whole lot of these items since the market is so small for them. I can’t make clothing very well and as far as hair goes…well…I don’t think it would turn out well. I wanted to create a bedroom set and with a high market demand for furniture I thought I might have a sporting chance. The first piece of what I am calling the “Clearwater Collection” is a simple dresser. the handles are mesh which is really nice because it prevents them from derendering on farther zoom levels even though they are so small. At 16 prims I felt it turned out okay. Hopefully it’s priced right and I’ll make a few sales as I design and create new pieces for the collection. Check out the marketplace listing for more pictures!!


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