New Beginnings

I begin this post by saying this past month in Second Life has been very tumultuous. The internet never surprises me, especially when you have people playing avatars on a “second life.” So many people use their anonymity to bring out the unfriendly and ugly side of their personality, spreading it across the grid like a plague, a wild fire. Most of us have had the experience I went through this past month in some form or another; someone, after months or a year of friendship, suddenly decides they hate you and proceeds to hurt you as much as they can, be it through disgusting language that one would never utter in person, to taking advantage of you through unlawful means they know you could never effectively counter. Such people have created thrones for themselves in their virtual kingdoms, dictating the wills of their dreams to others on high, and like the feudal lords of old, non compliance and questioning their utopian society is punishable by death.

We all have a right to do as we wish here in second life, if we desire to be the overlords of our own proverbial “Magic Kindgom” we have every right to do so. We can create anything our imagination can think of here in this second life; from heaven to hell, it can be done. For me, I came to this world seeking friends, seeking people who will enjoy my presence unconditionally, where I can freely exist and play however I want without feeling the need to constantly worship those with more power and money than myself. I want to exist with people who value my company over how much property I own, the size of my mansion, or how big my prim limit is. I think the friends that I make who feel the same way will be the ones that will last, ones that will help me when I come to them seeking guidance, and ones who will love me honestly as a true friend.

With that said, I have moved back to one of my original homes here in second life, a single story apartment in Boystown. One of the aspects that I enjoy is the honesty of the people living here. If you are friendly and honest yourself you can talk to almost anyone and they’ll talk back to you. I want to live in my SL home I don’t want to simply “exist” there. I’ve laid out my home with pieces of my old furniture from my previous home along with a few new things. It’s small but cozy and in it I can both work and relax. Have a look:

I’ll never quite be certain what I ever did to deserve the hate and mistreatment from people I once deeply respected, but one thing is for certain, I will move forward with my own second life anew in a place that I can hopefully and finally call home, home sweet home….



4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I love what u’ve done, most of all i love what u’ve written. From the pain there is a beginning of anew…..

    live well…love free

    1. Thanks so much Suga, it was very difficult to move through at the time I am happy that I’m settled once again though. It was a good move. 🙂 I neeeeed to do another blog post! 😛

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