Onwards and Upwards!

Pondering Anew


It seems curious to me that I have a blog, or that this blog still exists. I started this space four or five years ago with no particular purpose in mind – a place to share my adventures on Second Life, whatever they were. I shared fashion, home decor, and trivial life updates. I think back on where I was when I originally joined Second Life in 2010; not only was it a place for me to connect with other people who shared my interest in creativity, but it also became a part of my own journey towards self discovery. Seems like every part of my life was being put to use for that purpose back then – music, second life, relationships. There comes a point though when you begin to realize it’s okay that you don’t fit in a box – accepting yourself doesn’t make life easy, but it does give you a greater sense of connectivity to others and deeper sense of fulfillment. Through Second Life I realized that I didn’t need to label myself, I could just be me – whoever I wanted to be and simply enjoy being that. I continue Second Life, and particularly my connection to Boystown, because I feel connected to other people here who think similarly who are just happy to be themselves.

I really don’t know what I intend to do with this blog now moving forward, but I’m sure I will find some use for it as I have in the past. Whether your an old or new friend of mine I hope we can continue to have fun together and truly be happy in just “being” who and what we are.



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